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To love a Thai women is to love the family


  • bankbook

    Bank Books in the Context of Retirement Visas in Thailand

    Another informative video for those living or looking to live in Thailand. Bank Books in the Context of Retirement Visas in Thailand

  • retirement

    Retirement in Thailand for US Citizens

    Retirement in Thailand Please watch the video to understand the requirements to retire in Thailand as of 2019.

  • My experience with Thai’s

    The sewage system here is nature-based outside your house, not piped out to a centralized utility. Nearly all houses in Thailand (mine is in a village) have a septic tank outside the house, and the decomposition of human wastes and other things is dependent upon the natural bacteria thriving in that tank. The issue I’ve […]

  • marijuana

    Cabinet gives green signal for medical use of marijuana but seeks 5-year review

    THE CABINET yesterday cleared a bill to legalise the medical use of marijuana but added a condition that the legalisation must be reviewed after five years.   The bill has been drafted by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA). Following the Cabinet’s green light and recommended addition, the draft law will go back to the NLA […]